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18 June 2004 St.Petersburg

18 June 2004 Arrival

Happy birthday,Paul!

Paul arrived in St.Petersburg from Helsinki, Finland, on 18 June 2004.

Later that day, Paul with Heather and the band members had a birthday dinner at the Mechta Molochovets famous for its vegitarian dishes.

Upon arrival back to his cottage, Paul was surprised by a band of kossaks folk show waiting for him inside.
Reportedly Paul danced to the kossaks'' songs.

Here is the translation of his interview published on 15 June 2004 in Kommersant newspaper.

Guy from street hardly get to President Putin

Paul McCartney is preparing to his meeting with Russia

20 June in St.Petersburg in Palace Square Paul McCartney will be performing in Russia.
After his concert in Sweden prior to his departure for Russia, the legendary ex-Beatle has given an interview to our correspondent Boris Baranov and even created a new tune in his presence.

K: Some musicians take part in charity activities, comment of political issues, ask to vote for a certain political parties. Others claim: All I want to say you can find in my songs. And that would be enough. You are the former.

PM:When you are a celebrity - people listen to you. If an ordinary guy would say: Why dont we clear the world of land mines? nobody will pay heed to him and take him seriously, theyll yawn and say: Well, thats a good idea. But if I say that or anyone famous one that works. An ordinary guy from the street will hardly get the appointment to president Putin and manage taking to him. But I did and talked to him among other thins about land mines as well. My wife, Heather, was greatly impressed when she had written a letter to the president he responded to her. That the serious thing when one writes a letter to a president and receives a substantial answer with all the explanations why, say, Russia has used the land mines so far. He wrote her that Russia has the longest insecure parts of the state border. Thats his position and his reasons. And we do our job helping those who have lost parts of the body, vision ability and many people recuperate and are able to move and see.

I am not among those who are so easy to create a good song on a political issue. Im more in love songs. They often say: So youve said something bitter in the interview and why dont you make up a tune about it? Well, its not that simple to me. I seem to express better myself in prose. Ive got quite a broad imagination. But to say, all over sudden, to myself: Irak! No, certainly, better make something like: Oh, war in Irak, its bad, its bad (makes up on the spur of the moment a song with an excellent tune). Bye the way, its not that bad! Its not that complicated. But to create a nice political song its a hard job.

K: Your show in St.Petersburg will be the 3000th in your carrier.

PM: (Whistling with surprise) Are you serious! I didnt know! Phenomenal! You see, I dont count them. There is an English publicist Jeff Baker the guy who loves counting figures so he keeps all the statistics. Bye the way I just got back to Britain. And one guy that works on my farm asked me: Hey,Paul! Are you aware of how many gigs you have played so far? Thats a coincidence he also asked me about this. Three thousand! Its hard to believe.

K: What is going to be at your birthday party in St.Petersburg?

PM:Ive got no clue. The only thing I know my wife is preparing me a surprise. Thats it.

K: Can you recollect your best birthday and your worst one?

PM: Well, probably, my best one was when I was turning 21. In England its an important boundary. Is it in Russia as well? One can do whatever one want: drinking alcohol, for instance, or such a pleasure like serving in the military, unless you have found any excuse not to go there. So I set up a huge party in Liverpool, invited a lot of friends the Beatles just become very popular and glory excited us. And that very day become my worst one. John got drunk and started shouting to the DJ: What the bullshit are you playing? They clinched each other and started fighting. This story about my birthday went into the press. And you, boy, you dont seem to getting drunk, I see. Right? Never in your life, I know

K: The Russian fans of the Beatles are preparing to give you the underground recordings of the Beatles on the bones on the used X-ray films.

PM: Are they? Well Ive heard about such films and that they recorded using them when the Beatles were banned. But Ive never seen them. You see, I still consider that it was an excellent way of releasing music.

Im serious! I use to talk with the friends of mine from Apple about these X-ray films that had been in mass circulation in Russia. And when last year, we were making a new version of Let It Be Naked album I really meant doing anything like that. Even the cover design with the negative pictures came out from that story. So the cover as a matter of fact came from Russia. Who do you call these films? On the bones? On the ribs? Na rebrah. Good.

K: Is your new album due this autumn?

PM: No, next year. That will be absolutely new studio recording.

K: Are you playing new songs at your concerts?

PM: No, this time we will not be playing for certain. However, maybe, even on this tour we will. Maybe in Glastonburry there will be the final tour concert. I cannot claim anything for sure. And this is you to know. You are just a KGB agent, arent you? Kidding, typical western humour If I have some more time to rehearse something new we will probably play this at Glastonburry. But its very likely youll hear the new material in a year.

K: Ive lately talked to Brian Molko from Placebo that contemporary groups play unreleased material at concerts and it goes directly to the internet

PM: Thats true. Thats what weve just come across just recently. The internet borne problem. One should be cautious about it.
Now even if we are recording something brand new at the rehearsals then we are erasing the whole thing. Well we are not going to play all the new songs before a new album is out, maybe, only one or two. Any way the studio recording will sound much better.

K: At Glastonburry you will be performing with the most renowned young musicians. Whom have you singled out for yourself.

PM: Say Eminem is not bad. Dont know why its considered that I am one of those who say: All new music is rubbish, but in our time Many have been waiting such words from me to say, especially those who got stuck in the 50s and 60s and who want to see me there too. There were many really good things , nobody argues But now I like Out of British Radiohead, Coldplay, Travis and some more. All in all I like those who play live, go on a tour and not just sitting in a studio.

K: In general the vast majority of new British groups have been rebuked for exploiting the ideas of the 60-s and 70s.
Has anyone of them said its own word in music?

PM: Dont know-maybe Radiohead? They seem to have been doing something absolutely their own. And that many use our achievements is making me happy that means the music of my generation has got something really worth taking.

K: And finally the last very personal question. However, lets face it the news of the pregnancy of your wife you spread soon after the concert in Red Square. Can I inform the readers that little Beatriss was made in Russia?

PM: (Laughs, taking a pause, pondering) No, you cant!
Mechta Molokhovets Restaurant
Fans celebrate Paul''s Birthday
McCartney in City for Birthday

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