Russian TV Interviews

Paul has given two interviews to the major Russian TV channels: Channel One (before his arrival in Russia, blue shirt) and State-run RTR (red shirt).

Here is the Russian Translation the one for the RTR.

St.Petersburg meets Paul McCartney
Sir Paul who is giving his 3000th concert in St.Petersburg has given an interview to Vesti Nedeli (weekly news)
Interview to Russian Channel RTR (Ivan Koudriavtsev)

Ivan Koudriavtsev: This city was the capital of the empire and now Russia is a republic. By the way, which title do you prefer - Sir Paul or just Mr. McCartney?

Paul McCartney: Please call me just Paul. Its much easier. As they say in England call me no matter how, but just not too early.

IK: Paul, first of all, happy birthday! How did you celebrate it?

PM: Thank you! I did it wonderfully here in St.Petersburg. My wife prepared me a surprise took me to a restaurant. We had a good dinner there and then there was a party: we had some vodka and dancing. It was great!

IK: Youre vegetarian, arent you? Have you tried any vegetarian dishes of the Russian cuisine? Say, our schi [cabbage soup sm] out of nettle or sour cabbage?

PM: Borsch! Sour cabbage is good as well, but I loved borsch [beet-root soup - sm]. I had it on my birthday. With sour cream. Great! And blinis [pancakes - sm]. I also liked blinis.

IK: Paul, youre a frequenter down here. Dont you think it would be a good idea to obtain a multiple visa? Have you already selected a house?

PM: Well.. maybe. And where would you recommend me to settle down?

IK: Mm, I guess, somewhere on the Gulf of Finland.

PM: I have many houses in England. Thanks for the invitation anyway. Its a nice country. I like it being in here.

IK: Where do you store your last years presents? Maybe a photo with Putin is somewhere on the fireplace?

PM: Yes we keep this photo at home. Its on the piano.

IK: Are you going to include the Russian tunes into your new songs? You did experiment with your friends with the Indian tunes, didnt you?

PM: No, not yet.

IK: Have you heard that the security system at the Hermitage can be activated due to the concert?

PM: Are you serious? At the Hermitage? Hope it wont happen. It sounds pretty much like being some PR agents rumors; they usually spread such news.

IK: You were included into the Guiness Record Book when the biggest audience attended your concert in Rio. And today is your 3000th concert. Are you going to hit another record?

PM: I dont feel like setting records. They just happen quite naturally. The Marokana Stadium in Rio can house 184 thousand people. And today is your 3000th concert in St.Petersburg. I would never know about it unless someone has counted them. But its just amazing!
IK: Russia loves McCartney. But even every single step of you occurs to be turned out into the Beatles festivity. How do you feel about it? And, in general, why do you think the Beatles were so popular in the Soviet Union?
PM: We were very lucky because the Beatles had been very popular all round the world and even in Russia. We use to think that you here could not manage to get our records at all. We did not expect such popularity in Russia. I dont even know why Probably it was just such a special mixture John, Paul, George and Ringo a combination of musicians and personalities. And what has attracted people is our openness and sincerity. If someone asked a question, we didnt mumble and then lied; we just answered yes or no. For everyone we were just ordinary guys that played music. Then they trusted more the Beatles than any other stars. And the music was good. Its not so good to say something like this about yourself, one should be more modest, but John and I created many good things. Together and indipendently.
IK: Is it difficult to be Sir Paul McCartney? Difficult to be a star? Are you tired of all these formalities, everyday interviews?
PM: You know, no problem. Im very delicate with anything about my private life. Of course, thats great 3000th concert, St.Petersburg, crowds of people, channel Russia. But in my everyday life, at home.. me is just me. I dont walk everywhere like a star: I go to the cinema, do the shopping, and push the trolley with the baby. Everything is balanced in my life. But during the show it becomes such a drive. However, soon Ill go home and everything will be quite ordinary.
IK: Thank you very much, Paul. And good luck at the concert!
PM: OK, Ivan the Terrible. Thank you. Good boy!

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