My Photos of Concert

As taking pictures at the concert was banned (and the following day was my birthday), I bought a new mobile phone with an internal camera right before the show.

Hoping that the security would not take my mobile phone away.

All the above pictures were made with Sony Ericsson T630 camera with an extended format - hence the quality of the pictures.

The problem was I did not have any time to read the manual how to use the camera.

The first picture is the flags that were on sale in Nevsky Prospect at 100 roubles (3 Euro).

The main street, Nevsky Prospect, was blocked for the traffic at noon and became a pedestiran area.

Those who had tickets with seats should go through the Arch of the General Staff Headquarters.

The tight security checks made a huge crowd at the very entrance to the square where the metal detectors were.
It looked like rain at the very beginning and the concert was delayed for an hour for the heavy rain.

After dusting up the stage, the pre-show started with blue baloons carrying, acrobats and Elton-John-looklike DJ Macca's tunes mixing (quite impressive actually), Paul finally appeared from the yellow curtain and the concert began at 7:30 pm.

Aproximately, of course, as nobody cared that much about the time, as there was no time at this moment!
Pure outburst of energy in a unifying move to greet the national hero.

My wife and I were sitting in row C33. The tickets were at 3000 roubles each (100 USD).

The friends of ours with their tickets at 600 roubles (20 USD) had not read the instructions properly and entered the square the same way as we did. Officially for cheaper tickets the admission was arranged from the other part of the square. A police officer looked at their tickets and said that they should have gone all the way back to the other side of the square. 'However,'- he said,-'it's no use. You cannot make it. Go all the way down to the stage.''

So they were bloody lucky to see Paul live at a five-metre distance!!!

The last two shots were taken in Palace Square on 22 June, two days later: still coloured pieces of paper that ended up the show and the grid in Palace Square with St.Petersburg coat-of-arms in the middle.

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